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Water Efficient Shower Fixtures


Earth Smart offers a range of water efficient shower heads, hand showers and tub spout systems that save without the inconvenience of knowing it! 

Compliment your conservation, comfort and convenience by choosing a model with an integrated ShowerStart Thermostatic Shutt-off Valve (TSV). Experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience while eliminating buckets of hot water waste.

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Water Saving Devices

Waterblade Water saving device is an alternative to using a faucet aerator.

We supply a number of water saving devices to help you maximize savings and increase efficiency around your home, office or hotel.

Environmentally Friendly Single-Use Products

Paper straws

Service your needs and those of your customers while protecting the environment by using our alternatives to plastic products

Paper Bags

Grocery Paper Bag

Reduce the use of environmentally detrimental plastic bags, use our 100% biodegradable paper bags wherever possible